Ekmek İsraf Etme

Turkish Grain Board






250 g chicken breast

120 g (1 ) onion

100 g (1 coffee cup) crushed walnut

4 g (2 clove) garlic

125 g (5 slices) stale bread

Red pepper, salt


• Chicken meat is boiled with onion. (If you wish to increase taste and nutrition value, you can add carrots, courgettes, celery, bay leaf and etc.)

• Strain boiled chicken and when it is cold, tear it into fibers.

• Soften bread by dipping it into chicken broth you now have. (Rest of the broth can be used for soup or rice.)

• Mix ground crushed walnut with soaked bread together with crushed garlic and red pepper. Leave it for half an hour.

• It is squeezed in a thin material, walnut oil that comes out is saved.

• Chicken is mixed with the squeezed paste.

• Add salt. If the mix is very solid, add 1 – 2 tablespoons of chicken broth.

• Circassian chicken is placed in service plates. Walnut oil is mixed with some powdered red pepper and put on the food. It is decorated with walnuts and served.