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Recipes / Stale Bread Meatballs

Stale Bread Meatballs

Chef Ali DOĞAN


Stale bread 100 g

Tulum (ship skin encased) Cheese 40 g

Olive oil 10 g

Tomato 60 g

1 egg

Milk 10 cl.

Matured cheddar 10 gr.

Salt1 gr.

Black Pepper 1 gr.

Green onion 60 gr.


Stale bread is cubed. Tulum cheese, tomato, green onions are put in layers in an oiled earthenware or porcelain pan. Egg, milk, white pepper are mixed with a fork for the sauce. The sauce is poured on the readied mix. Dried tomato and greated Parmesan are added on top and cooked for 20 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven.