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Waste in the World

Nutrition problem and waste in the world

Hunger and undernourishment are one of the most important problems of the world that has a population of over 7 billion today. Food waste has reached serious dimensions in the world where 870 million people are suffering from undernourishment (that is the 12,5 % of the world population) and millions of people are dying from hunger and malnutrition every year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 1,3 billion tons of food which is equivalent to US$ 1 trillion is wasted globally per year. It is estimated that this is equivalent to one third of the world food production. By only reducing one forth of the total waste in the world, the food requirement of the 870 million people, who are undernourished, could be met. Approximately 30 % of the bread produced in the EU and 40 % of the food produced in the USA, where one in every six person has trouble in accessing food, is wasted. The increase of food prices makes accessing food more difficult and even impossible in poor countries.