Ekmek İsraf Etme

Turkish Grain Board


The Dimensions of Waste

The Waste in Economic Terms

According to the research the daily bread waste is 20 grams per person. Even if this figure seems small when we consider the population of the country and the unit price of bread as 2,80 TL/kg the annual economic figure of the waste is 1,5 billion TL. In monetary terms with the bread wasted every year the following could be achieved:

• 104 thousand families (with 5 members) could survive for one year at poverty level,
• 162 thousand people could survive on minimum wage,
• 460 thousand university students could be paid 280 TL scholarships for 12 months.

• 80 hospitals with 100 beds,
• 18 airports with an annual capacity of 500 thousand passengers,
• 500 schools with 16 classrooms,
• 250 dormitories with a capacity of 300 students,
• Double highway of 500 kilometers could be built.
Also, the 6 million loaves of bread wasted every day will meet the daily bread requirement of 4,7 million individuals. 2,1 billion loaves of bread wasted in one year is equal to the bread demand of the country for 23 days.